Rückblick auf den Innovations-Kongress Meet InnoV mit Organisator Joël Gayssot

Am 22. November 2012 fand in Paris der internationale Kongress Meet InnoV zum Thema Innovation statt. Als Medienpartner der Veranstalter werfen wir gemeinsam mit dem Organisator Joël Gayssot einen Blick zurück auf das facettenreiche Programm.

Für-Gründer.de: Dear, Joël – you are one of the organizers of the event Meet Innov – Connecting Innovation – could you first please introduce yourself to our readers and provide some background information on this event and maybe on Paris Val de Marne?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: Meet InnoV is an international business convention organized by the Development Agency of Val de Marne, an organization created to facilitate the development of businesses in the Val de Marne area. Val de Marne is a large French department just near to Paris. My job, as a director of the agency, is to promote the development on the department so we had developed a certain number of services to aid in the creation of better services and the establishment of companies so they will not regret their decision. The point of this Meet InnoV convention is to gather the companies together and above all allow contact with big international groups such Sanofi, Ricoh, Alcatel-Lucent, Bouygues Telecom, Coca-Cola, etc.

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV

This year 500 startups had the opportunity to meet with almost one hundred investors from various groups tailored by the demands of the participants. Meet Invest, Seed Networking, business meetings, b2b, etc. The convention, which took place on the 22nd of November at the Paris-Orly airport, welcomed 763 participants from almost 20 countries with a total of 150 foreign enterprises.

Für-Gründer.de: Why is innovation – in your point of view – of such an importance and how can it be accelerated?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: Innovation is the cornerstone of start-ups as well as small groups. Nowadays, the crises has touched not only the small companies  but also the big ones, innovation  permitted the companies starting out a more complicated and rocky time for development. I strongly believe in innovation, that’s the mainly topic of Meet InnoV ; the success of this convention proves the importance of the innovation in the economic world for the bigger and smaller enterprises. Innovation is a natural process to the individual; to accelerate it we must facilitate as much as possible the environment that can promote the exchange of ideas and critical debate.

Für-Gründer.de: Meet Innov 2012 just took place on November 22nd – what is your resume and could you give us some statistics e.g. number of visitors?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: The 8th edition of the Meet InnoV had a great success with 763 participants , it was the first time that we had mobilized this many companies, +39% from the previous event, that included, 500 startups: 350 French, and 150 international startups from China, India, Brazil, United States, Israel, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The day was punctuated by two conferences on innovation and entrepreneurship, six workshops, one finance convention where 15 startups pitched their businesses to raise funds, the launch of TR35 MIT Awards in France, to reward the best innovators of France, 1.950 business meetings, and many other micro-events with a multitude of encounters

Für-Gründer.de: Personally, which start-ups did you find very interesting and what is there business?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: Of the 92 candidature that we had received, the 12 projects that were selected to be able to pitch in front of the Meet Invest jury were very qualified projects. I found very interesting the projects in the field of geolocation, like Fidzup, the startup elected by the jury, which would allow professionals to boost the impact of their promotional messages, Mobyparc, Tagemploi, Who art you, Medicisconsult, and  notable health initiatives like HyPrevention.

Für-Gründer.de: Which workshops would you like to highlight and how was the feedback of the audience?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: “Support and funding in the early stages of business creation” was the most valued workshop of the six that were proposed. The economic contexts in which enterprises compete to develop its own projects have created a strong demand for financing tools as well as information on available measurements. In response to the requirements of near 500 startups, Meet InnoV proposed workshops, conferences like Meet Invest, Seed Networking or Café des Pitchs. This would allow thes startups, developers, investors, organizers and other companies to meet or to opt to survey different methods. We had the participation of more than fifty business angels who met with startups to support new projects.

Für-Gründer.de: Which start-ups took part in the MeetInvest and finally won the money?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: The startup Fidzup, which develops and commercializes on selling mobile tools for marketing, and advertising in a point of sale, has been voted the best by the jury of the MeetInvest project. The application allows professionals to send their advertisements to a customer when he enters in a retail space, an example being a certain radius to a store, or a gallery mall. The startup is currently engaged in a process of fundraising and has already received several letters of interest. It hopes to raise 200.000€ in order to extend its solution to mobile marketing.

In addition to Fidzup, five other startups among the 15 that presented already have meetings scheduled with one or more of the investors that were present at MeetInvest. Among the happily elected: Babble Planet, a social and educational game for children aged six to ten years old to learn english, Humanogames, specialized in social gaming, HyPrevention, who was established in 2010, in order to respond to the raise in mortality and health care costs specifically accompanying fractures of the hip, Mobypark, allow motorists to rent private parking spaces from residents that would be absent for the day  and Tagemploi which aims to develop a system based on geolocation with job offers by local authorities.

Für-Gründer.de: For the first time ever the TR35 Awards has been launched to reward outstanding entrepreneurial talents – who exactly can participate and what are the rewards?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: The objective of the initiative was actually to understand the effort and dedication of the young people who work in the development of new technology, the creation of new solutions to current technological problems, their work performing on a global scale and not just applied to the field or research. To be able to do this, it is a contest of a young French person – or resident in France – less than 35 years old, and that is working on a pioneering project in technology and innovation. Entries must be made between November 22nd, and December 31st, 2012.

Für-Gründer.de: Additionally Meet Innov hosted a couple of third party events like the CAFÉ DES POSSIBLES “PITCH & COACH” and SeedNetworking – who was the initiator and what happened there?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: Seed Networking is a professional speed date: On one side of the table, a young person with computer and digital technology expertise, and on the other side, a young bearer of a web project. Every seven minutes, entrepreneurs move to another table. The idea was born from the observation as said Romain Dausset, SeedNetworking’s coordinator, there “is a lack of technical computing,” compared to the number of young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business 2.0. The point is not to find a service provider, but a partner who will invest in the company. Since its debut in 2009, the association has met more than 5.000 youths and “from love at first sight, a dozen companies have been born, and the networking continues” according to the organizers.

Le Carrefour des possibles of Fing and the incubators Agoranov, Descartes, Efrei and Institut Telecom d’Arcueil will be available to advise project leaders. Each of the 3 groups of 5 project leaders have been coached by 2 specialists. Each project presentation was last 6 minutes, to be followed by a 10 minute-exchange with other participants who were offer coaching and contacts useful to the project’s development.

Für-Gründer.de: And to conclude: are we going to see a further Meet Innov next year and what is your advice for young companies and as well for big players with regards to innovation?

Joël Gayssot von Meet InnoV: There’s no exact recipe for innovation, it’s merely a product of hard work, good and simply ideas and a good attitude. In the next edition, we will propose more tools and conferences to facilitate the process, and for understanding and attempting to meet the needs of companies and organizations that arrive each year from all parts of the globe.

Für-Gründer.de: Thank you for the interview!


Joël Gayssot, General Commissioner Meet InnoV
Agence de développement
Paris – Val de Marne
23 Rue Raspail 94200 FRANCE
E-Mail: contact@meetinnov.com
Website: www.meetinnov.com