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Vom Fünf-Minuten-Pitch bis zum Drei-Tages-Camp: Events und Gründerwettbewerbe für Gründer gibt es viele. Damit Sie den Überblick nicht verlieren, stellen wir Ihnen hier die wichtigsten Termine vor.

René Klein, CEO von Für-Grü
#1 Deep Dive Know-How Event - Online Edition

This time it's all about Natural Language Processing and how you can integrate it into your business processes!  Learn how state-of-the-art deep learning-based text analysis approaches will replace outdated rule-based NLP systems as well as about the latest breakthroughs in NLP and how they impact various text analysis challenges. See how companies can now solve practical NLP tasks from opinion mining in customer feedback, requirements classification, error classification and analyzing employee feedback to customer support ticket prioritization and triaging, customer service analytics, call center analytics, churn analysis and more with latest deep learning in human-like quality. Get a live demo of the latest NLP technology in action and see how you can leverage deep learning even without writing code. Take the chance to discuss your individual text analysis challenges and use cases with Stefan, the leader of one of the world's most advanced machine learning teams 

Target Group: Business Intelligence Teams, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Consumer Insights Manager, Digital Transformation/Automation Manager, Business Services Manager

Wann 11. Apr 2017 - 11. Mär 2021
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